E-Mobility Solution

The future of mobility is electric.


E-Mobility Solution

The future of mobility
is electric.


Why choose the Wallbox

What is a wallbox?
The #wallbox is a wall-mounted charging station for electric vehicles that allows you to recharge your car from the comfort of your home : transforms a simple domestic socket into an advanced and highly technological charging station.

Why install a wallbox?

  1. As a matter of safety: the wallbox is designed to withstand the current load for many consecutive hours and is directly connected to the home meter.
  2. Because it drastically reduces charging times compared to a portable charger.

The necessary power
The wallboxes currently on the market deliver different powers in a range between 3.5kW and 22kW.
The power required for installation and subsequent correct operation therefore depend from model to model and from house to house.

The installation
The installation of the wallbox must necessarily be carried out by specialized personnel or your trusted electrician who will take care of the connection between the meter and the infrastructure, of the fixing to the wall with wiring of the existing electrical system and of the testing of the recharging system.

How are top-ups paid?
The consumption of the wallbox is charged directly to your supply bill. This is both if you have connected to your home meter and if you have set up a dedicated meter.

The deduction
The Budget Law 2019 provides for a tax deduction of 50% , spread over 10 years, on purchase and subsequent installation of charging infrastructures for private use which took place between March 1, 2019 and December 13, 2021, for a maximum of 2,000 euros in infrastructure spending.

Ok, but how much does it cost?
The purchase price of a unicaGO wallbox is 399 € excluding VAT for the basic version with power up to 7.2 kW.
You can customize your wallbox by connecting to the site www.unicogo.it

Stop suffering from charging anxiety, buy your wallbox

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